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Amazing Health Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating

Health Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating

When was the last time that you had sat on the floor to eat your meal? Can’t recollect, right? We have adapted the occidental meals with occidental ways of eating it. However, our ancestors were rather smart and would eat on the floor to eat their meal because it had various perks as follows:

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Amazing Health Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating

Aids to Lose Pounds

When you sit on the floor to eat your meal, your mind relaxes and you concentrate on your food. Also, the cross-legged position is called as sukhasana or ardha-padmasana (depending on the way you are sitting). These are nothing but Yoga asanas.

It so happens that when you sit down, your nerve transmits signals to your brain smoothly.Also sitting down makes you eat your food slower and also makes you feel full soon.

This way, overeating is prevented. Hence, sitting on the floor aids weight loss.

Increases Flexibility

Sitting on the chair and getting up after the meal is not as flexible as sitting on the floor and getting up. Sitting on the floor and getting up from the floor adds on to a little more flexibility.

Besides that, when you sit cross-legged (the Yoga asana is Sukhasana or Padmasana), the muscles of your pelvis, lower back and stomach loosens and relaxes.

Because you bend to eat your morsel, the muscles of the lower and upper abdomen stretches. This way the pain and the discomfort decrease.

This stretching aids to your flexibility and in turn makes you healthy.

Improves Posture

A good posture always adds up to your personality. Sitting down regularly this way for having a meal stretches your spine, straightens your back, and pushes your shoulders back automatically.

The strain on your muscles and joints reduces. This way the entire body ache also disappears.

Digests Food Better

As mentioned earlier, sitting cross-legged on the floor is a yogic pose. This pose smoothens the digestion process. Also, to eat the morsel we bend forward and backward.

This aids in the secretion of acids from our stomach to initiate better digestion.

Tranquilizes your nerves and loosens up your mind and loosens up your nerves

The yogic poses, Sukhasana and Padmasana completely calms your mind and loosens up your body muscles entirely.

Eating with a relaxed mind helps to focus on your food more, on your chewing more, and hence in digestion more.

Struck the Family Cord

One doesn’t sit down alone on the floor to eat its meal, the entire family sits. Sitting down for a meal leads to a peace in mind and makes you happy.

Hence, there is more of positivity in the environment and your meal is rather eaten in smooth bliss.

This old custom of sitting on the floor for having your meals is originated from Yoga and Ayurveda is indeed beneficial in many ways.

Also, if you drop food off your mouth accidentally, it falls into the plate and not yon your clothes. This way, it doesn’t spoil your clothes like when you have food on a dining table.

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